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Damon® Clear


The clear way to amazing results

Braces no longer mean inconvenience, discomfort and a mouth full of metal.
Damon® Clear is part of the Damon® System, a completely new treatment approach. The Damon® System combines tie-less braces with memory-shaped archwires to move teeth quickly, comfortably and with truly spectacular smile and facial results.
It’s time to look at braces in a whole new light. Show off your smile with Damon® Clear while in treatment and for years to come.

Virtually invisible

With Damon® Clear, people may not even realize you’re wearing braces. Other so-called “clear” braces have visible metal parts or elastic ties that can yellow during treatment and collect bacteria. But tie-less Damon® Clear braces are discreet, easy to keep clean and resistant to staining and discoloration.

Fast Treatment

While treatment time may vary, studies show that treatment with the Damon® System is up to six month faster than with traditional braces.

Greater Comfort

Damon® Clear braces are small and designed with ultra-smooth contours that are gentle to teeth and tissues. Clinical studies show that the Damon® System provides more comfortable treatment than traditional braces.